New Monsters

Bone Horror

MV: 6
AC: 4
HD: 8 to 10
Attacks: 2 to 4
Damage: 1d8 per attack
Special Defence: +1 weapons to hit, immune to mind control, cold, 1/2 damage from electricity & fire, missile fire causes only 1hp damage.
Size: Large (7' tall x 4' across)
Alignment: NE
Xp: 2000 8HD
       2500 9HD
       3000 10HD

Bone Horrors are animations created from large piles of bone. They have a roughly humanoid shape with hollow eye "sockets" in the bone mass at the location of their "head" (although sometimes the skull of a large monster is utilised).  These animations attack with long appendages, sometimes using thicker bones that act as clubs, or long sharpened extensions that stab or cut depending on the particular monster encountered. For each additional HD one additional attack is added. These animations can be created by high level wizards or priests (necromancers) or by lower level characters & intelligent monsters using elaborate ritual magic and ceremony. In combat they generally behave as skeletons, doing as commanded, however they will react to being attacked, either counterattacking or removing themselves from danger if the former is not possible when given no instructions.

Devil Swine - Quasi Demon  (Modified from the D&D Expert Rulebook.)

MV: 12
AC: 3/5/9  (Hog, Pigman, Obese Human)
HD: 9   Hp: 60 per form.
Attacks: 1
Damage: 2d6 gore or 1d4+3 fist/strength, or weapon +3 (strength)
Special Defence: Silver or +1 weapons to hit, spell-like powers (see below)
Magic Resistance: 25%
Size: L (6'+ long), L (7' tall), or Medium (5-6').
Alignment: LE
Xp: 8000

A Devil Swine appears as either a huge hog, a bipedal hybrid of man & pig, or a grossly fat human. This creature has demonic powers of its own making. Through ritual magic, sacrifice and devoted worshippers this creature is able to conjure up spells as if it were a 9th level wizard. The spells are cast after an extended period of casting time (as per ritual magic) and cannot be memorised for later use in combat. However, these creatures may have additional supernatural powers that are useable in combat situations. All Devil Swine have the following natural abilities:

*Regeneration of 2hp per round.
*Charm Person 3 times per day
*Immune to Charm, disease and +4 bonus to saves versus poison.
*Shapeshift into 3 forms, each with 60 hp.

If the Swine is reduced to 0hp in each of its forms it is killed. If reduced to below 0hp in any one form it is forced to change. Note: The Devil Swine is not a Lycanthrope but a Quasi Demon type creature.


MV: 12
AC: 6
HD: 1
Attacks: 1 (by weapon)
Size: M (5-6' tall)
Alignment: LN
Xp: 35

Pigmen, commonly referred to as jungle pigmen, are found in tropical regions. They have rounded pig-like faces (different from Orcs), thin bodies with pink or dull green skin, and are usually armed with bronze weapons and armour - typically Axes, Spears and Ringmail Armour. They are also known to use blowguns and bolas.

Robber Fly (Modified from the D&D Expert Rulebook.)

Fl: 18 Mv: 6
AC: 6
HD: 2
Attacks: 1
Damage 1d6 (Bite)
Size: S (3' long)
Xp: 35

A Robber Fly is a large carnivorous insect that resembles a giant fly with either pale bands or yellow bands on its abdomen. They attack with a pincered bite and appear in groups of 4 to16.

Serpentine Warrior

MV: 9
AC: 2 or 3 and AC 6 for exposed tail section
HD: 7
Attacks: 3 or 2 + 1 tail sweep (rear only)
Damage: 1d3/1d3 (claws)+ 1d4 (bite + poison 0/20) or weapon +5 (strength +3 and specialisation +2) plus 1d3 +1 (tail sweep, dexterity check or knocked prone).
Special Defence: Magic Resistance 25%
Alignment: LE
Size: L (7' tall, 14' long total)
Xp: 2000

Serpentine Warriors can be found in sandy desert areas that were once part of a vast ancient Empire. Their appearance is that of a giant snake with very large eyes and muscular arms. In combat they wear ornate platemail armour and carry medium sized shields. They typically use bastard swords, two handed swords, scimitars, battle axes or two handed spears in melee combat and employ fine longbows for ranged attacks. Serpentine Warrior numbers may also include Magic Users or Priests of 5th level or higher but this is rare. All Serpentine Warriors have the following spell-like powers and abilities:

*Pass Without Trace
*Veil of Sand - creates a blinding sand storm of 200 foot radius after 1 round of gesturing.
*Immune to Poisons
*Read Magical Scrolls

Presently these creatures dwell in underground ruins, buried deep in the sands, after their Empire was destroyed via a magical cataclysm.

Urson (modified from the Grenadier Fantasy Miniatures Game)

Mv: 12
AC: 7 (natural) or AC: 5 (with Leather Armour and Shield)
HD: 3+3
Attacks: 1 or 3
Damage: By weapon + 1 strength bonus or 1d3/1d3/1d6 (Claws/Bite)
Alignment: LG
Size: M (6.5' tall)
Xp: 200

Urson are bear-like humanoids who inhabit dense woodland areas. They are adept at working wood and leather, and wield high quality metal weapons, often axes or spears. Other common weapons used by Urson include short swords and slings. Most of the community consists of Warriors but there is also usually a Priest (of nature) and the occasional Druid. All Urson have a highly developed sense of smell and can track other creatures, or scavenge for forest food, using this ability. 

Werewolf (modified from 2nd Edition)

Mv: 15
AC: 5
HD 4+3
Attacks: 1 or 2
Damage: 2d4 or 1d6+3 (Alternating Bite/Claw)
Special Attacks: On a successful hit with a roll of 18 or greater the monster may make a second attack roll at +4 to hit.
Special Defence: Immune to normal weapons, magical weapons do half damage, Immune to Ghoul paralysis
Alignment: CE
Size: M (6') 
Xp: 450

The Werewolf appearing in this description transforms into a bear-sized wolfen creature with large claw-like paws. Immune to normal weapons, and only subject to half damage from magical weapons, silver weapons do double damage to these beasts. Otherwise the creature conforms to the entry for werewolves in the second edition rules.


MV 9
AC: 6
HD: 2
Attacks: 2 or 3
Damage: 1d3/1d3 + Special (2 claws + plus bite 1d4 & infection)
Alignment: CE
Size: M (5-6' tall)
Xp: 125

Zombie Ghouls behave in a manner similar to normal Ghouls except that they do not cause paralysis. Like all undead they are immune to mind control, sleep & poisons. They attack with 2 claws and if both strike they can roll another attack to bite their victim. Bitten characters have a 50% chance of becoming infected and changing into a Zombie Ghoul within 6-12 hours. Characters who have become Ghouls have died & become undead monsters of their former selves. A Remove Curse spell will negate the transformation but will have no effect once the process is complete. A Protection from Evil spell keeps these creatures at bay.