New Magical Items

Magical Potions

*Flying Potion

This foul tasting potion allows flight for one hour acting in the same way as the wizard spell. There are four doses within each vial or bottle. Those with constitutions less than 12 must make a saving throw vs Poison to avoid coughing up their swig. At the end of the duration the flying character slowly descends to the ground, at 10 feet per round, as the magic expires - from a maximum height of 100 feet. Falling further than 100 feet happens at the normal rate with 1d6 damage taken for every 10 foot drop. This long lasting potion is most often made by Warlocks and Witches to supplement their shorter-lived homebrewed concoctions, although it is not often tried since the failure rate is very high for this variation. Alchemists are also known to brew up such potions.

*Potion of Physical Fortitude

Drinking this strong smelling and tasting brew, that often steams when opened, confers a bonus +4 hit points to the recipient, a +2 bonus to saves against poisons, and automatically stabilises the character if he or she falls below zero hit points. The potion must be fully consumed where the benefits, including the bonus hit points, last one full week. Elixirs of this sort are not cumulative. A character may only use such potions twice before their bodies become 'immune' to the benefits - further potions will be ineffective. There is a 1% cumulative chance that those drinking these potions will become sick (bedridden) for a whole week and not be able to adventure.

Magical Rings

*Ring of Gaseous Form

These rings allow the wearer to assume gaseous form in the same way as an Ogre Mage. The ring has a command word although the wearer need only think it for the effect to take hold. This action takes one segment. The gaseous form lasts a period of 3 turns before expiring. The ring can only be used 2 times per week.

*Ring of Polymorph Self

This ring allows the user to assume a predetermined form. The duration of the transformation is for a maximum of 2 hours. The form is determined by the DM but can include a diverse variety of animals that include, snake, rat, cat, panther, hawk, bat or an insect such as a hornet.

*Witch Ring

Crafted from natural materials like wood or wicker these rings protect the life of the wearer by taking it from another creature. If the wearer is damaged to zero or less hit points the ring restores them back to 1hp with no ill effects. However, the linked creature, or creatures, suffer the consequences and are slain. The linked creatures can be farm animals, such as pigs or chickens but they must be confined within an enchanted cage. Also, once put on the rings cannot be removed short of a limited wish spell or until the enchantment is triggered. 

Miscellaneous Magical Items

*Amulet of Heroism

This amulet appears as a non-descript trinket but will radiate magic if detection spells are cast. The item must be worn continuously for one full week for its effects to become active. Over this time the character becomes more and more powerful. The wearer may then physically act and gain (spellcasting) knowledge beyond their present experience, in a way similar to a Potion of Heroism. For characters of 0-level or 1st level they gain 2 extra levels (with a similar amount of hit dice appropriate to their class), while for characters of 2nd level and above 1 extra level is gained. Powerfully enchanted versions of this amulet double the amount of levels granted with 1d10s given for the additional hit dice.
*Amulet of Life Protection (mod)

This amulet (as described in the DMG) protects the character from the Magic Jar spell or any other mental attack that would take control of the PC's body. If the wearer is slain (-10hp) the character's psyche enters the amulet and remains for a full seven days before moving onwards into their afterlife. If the PC's body is healed before seven days has elapsed the character revives with the psyche returned. If the amulet is destroyed at any stage while psyche inhabits it, the psyche is simply released and moves onwards (and is not utterly destroyed as previously stated).

*Hat of Flying

These magical hats come in two known varieties, a broad brimmed straw hat (Ronin Gasa) that reaches down over the face, found in the Orient, and an Occidental version that consists of a gold banded leather cap. The latter version features intricate leather working and may come in green, black or tanned colours. The gold band will include a bird motif. Other headwear may be worn in conjunction with this cap. The duration of flight per day is one hour, that can be used in segments or all at once, operating in the same way as Boots of Flying.

*Tome of One Spell

These rare tomes emulate the effects of certain spells and radiate faint magic. Through the study of the text, elaborate ceremony, and substantial material expense, various wizard (& sometimes priest) spells can be cast. However, simple 1st level spells often require many turns to cast, spell components are always necessary and the “caster” must be able to read or decipher the script. The DM is advised to vary the complexities, and requirements present within each of these rare books. The DM may also opt to introduce other books that perform more complex magics and/or disintegrate after use. The spell cast from these tomes may be of any level.

Note: Wizards who do not have access to certain spells, who have used up their spell allotments, or who have failed to learn a particular spell may employ these books to overcome such shortcomings. They must nevertheless follow all the restrictions found in the book including the extended casting times.