Introducing THACO DRAGON

The following page presents our modified 'house rules' for the AD&D Second Edition Game. Players and Dungeon Masters will require the 2nd Edition Player's Handbook (PHB), the Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG), the Monstrous Compendium (MC), and the Complete Fighter's Handbook (CFHB). Also recommended is the Complete Ninja's, Priest's, Wizard's and Thief's Handbook, plus the 1st Edition Oriental Adventures (OA) rule book. Dungeon Masters are encouraged to include material from 1st Edition AD&D wherever they see fit.

Our group believes that playing Dungeons and Dragons is not just about running a fantasy genre. The AD&D system was Dungeons and Dragons.

We found the character, quirks and level of complexity present in the Second Edition, whilst incorporating a wealth of First Edition material, very satisfying. We greatly appreciated the restrictions and limitations inherent in AD&D that encouraged co-operative, and resource conscience, gameplay.
With the emergence of newer versions of our game, we offer the following rules supplement as an alternative - designed to slightly enhance player options, low level survivability, and increase the fun, of the old THACO system. Long live AD&D !

*Please note we also have a few simple suggestions to modify the D&D Basic Game following the main text. These 'version 2.6' rules are periodically updated.

Make sure to check out our THACO DRAGON ADVENTURES page that contains a number of very challenging stand alone adventures.

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